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Montag, November 14, 2005

The eGovernment Observatory announces full availability of its eGovernment Library, the most extensive and comprehensive online repository of documentation about electronic government in Europe. While most e-government documentation repositories merely provide links to lists of documents, the Observatory's Library stores all types of documents relevant to the e-government domain in the European context, provides a comprehensive set of information for each one of them (publication date, author, topics, document type, context and brief summary), and makes them browsable by country/geographic location, publication date, topic, and document type (e.g. policy/strategy papers, official reports and studies, independent reports, legal texts, technical documentation, etc.). The eGovernment Library currently stores more than 460 documents dealing with e-government issues and developments at global, European or EU Member States level, and covering the period since 1994. It represents a unique source of knowledge and information for e-government professionals and researchers, enabling them to find all reference documentation in a single place.
Quelle: eGovernment News vom 9. November 2005