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Dienstag, August 29, 2006

amministrazione digitale Italiana

Die italienischen "Linee guida per la Pubblica amministrazione digitale 2006" sind auf der Website bzw. als pdf auf der EU-Kommissions-Seite abzurufen, meldet IDABC heute. Englische Kurzfassung:
"The guidelines for the digitalisation of Public Administration 2006 set the criteria and actions that every public administration shall implement in order to concretely achieve the principles enshrined in the E-Government Code (entered into force on 1 January 2006). In particular, the guidelines call upon the public administrations to:
  • allow access to public services to citizens who own a National Service Card – regardless of the body which issued it – by providing suitable information
  • allow on-line payments
  • ensure the discretion and integrity of contents as well as the continuity and availability of services
  • specify, within each public administration, a competent unit that would be in charge, among other tasks, of handling the strategic coordination of the information systems' development
  • Labels: