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Montag, April 16, 2007

Kerala Legislative Assembly Proceedings

Der technische Report "Digital Archive of Kerala Legislative Assembly Proceedings" von C.S. Sathikumar, R. Raman Nair und N.K. Bhagi aus dem Jahr 2007 ist nun bei E-LIS abzurufen.
Abstract der AutorInnen: The Assembly records consist of proceedings of Legislative Council of Travancore from 1988, Travancore Sri Mulam Popular Assembly from 1904, Sri Mulam Assembly and the Sri Chitra State Council from 1933, Travancore Legislative Assembly from 1948, Cochin Legislative Council from 1925, Cochin Legislative Assembly from 1948, Travancore-Cochin Legislative Assembly from 1949 and Kerala Legislative Assembly from 1957. These records are authentic sources for research on the region's history, polity and economic development. Their importance for legislative business is unique and form the most important records collection held by government. The report makes recommendations for ensuring their conservation and safety, efficient organization and management, and speedy and effective dissemination of the content for the business of the Assembly, for the reference of the judiciary and government as well as for research. Covers aspects like the process of conversion of the records into digital form, implementing a Digital Library System having specialized hardware and software that can ensure storage without possibility of tampering or editing originals, and techniques to be used for full text indexing, data basing and organization of digitized records as a functional digital library. The report estimates total cost of the project as Rs. 1,30,36457 which includes consultancy, digital archiving, indexing and data basing of approximately 6.2 lakhs printed pages, and acquiring hardware and software to establish a Digital Library. Estimated time required completion is three years.

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