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Montag, Juni 18, 2007

Crime Mapping

Die Ausgabe 25 (2007) 2 der Zeitschrift "Social Science Computer Review" beschäftigt sich mit software-gestütztem Crime Mapping:
  • Ronald E. Wilson: The Impact of Software on Crime Mapping. An Introduction to a Special Journal Issue of Social Science Computing Review on Crime Mapping
  • Tony H. Grubesic, Elizabeth Mack, and Alan T. Murray: Geographic Exclusion: Spatial Analysis for Evaluating the Implications of Megan's Law
  • Susan J. Boyd, Kevin M. Armstrong, Li Juan Fang, Deborah R. Medoff, Lisa B. Dixon, and David A. Gorelick: Use of a "Microecologic Technique" to Study Crime Around Substance Abuse Treatment Centers
  • Meagan Cahill and Gordon Mulligan: Using Geographically Weighted Regression to Explore Local Crime Patterns
  • Daniel Lockwood: Mapping Crime in Savannah: Social Disadvantage, Land Use, and Violent Crimes Reported to the Police
  • Elizabeth R. Groff and Tom McEwen: Integrating Distance Into Mobility Triangle Typologies
  • Cedrick G. Heraux: Software Review: Spatial Data Analysis of Crime: A Review of CrimeStat III
  • Michael Leitner and Henrike Brecht: Software Review: Crime Analysis and Mapping with GeoDa 0.9.5-i
  • Richard Block: Software Review: Scanning for Clusters in Space and Time: A Tutorial Review of SaTScan
  • Labels: