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Mittwoch, Jänner 02, 2008

Federal information about "black" colleges

Die Master Thesis "Selective United States Federal Information on Historically Black Colleges and Universities: An Annotated Bibliography" von Leigh A. Jones, verfasst 2006 an der School of Information and Library Science der University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, ist online abzurufen.

Abstract: "The purpose of this bibliography is to serve researchers who are interested in finding information on Historically Black Colleges and Universities that is published by the United States federal government. The information that can be found by the use of this bibliography is intended to be broad in nature. Some of the information that is provided places a focus on the history of those institutions and the current needs of those schools. Other citations provided lead to information concerning the research that is taking place at those colleges and universities. Finally, information on federally funded programs that are geared towards increasing minority involvement in certain fields, professions and research are also included. The bibliography is selective in nature".